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We won our first football game 

Wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win

Should apply that to life sometimes too

2 in the morning
Just a typical Friday
Morgantown night life

Today is Friday
Tomorrow is Saturday
WVU Football

Moments surround you

Memories are just waiting 

The clock starts ticking

The floors reflection
The sound of footsteps tapping
Class calls for students

Never had a chance 

His facial expressions show 

Give him his moment

The stars are shining 

All the eyes are reflecting 

Except the closed ones



Coach called his name

He sprinted into the dugout

The conversation was short

He came out in slow walk

He didn’t make his way back to the group

He headed off to the parking lot

Where his ride was waiting for him 

This is just my thoughts and they don’t really mean much, but at the same time why not write something? 

I feel like writing only three short lines would be very easy, but I see my own writings, and others that I say that just didn’t come out right. A lot of them just can’t speak to you very well. Then, I pondered the idea what is a good haiku? 

I believe a way/format/concept of a haiku is the following: 

First line- Abstract idea

Second line- Abstract idea 

First two lines just need to be separate thoughts/unrelated 

The third line- Gives you the insight

Whether it explains the common ground between the first two lines or it brings up a new concept and the first two lines somehow fit into it. 

A human being 

See what you can’t see
Love what you never loved
A better human

This haiku has gotten a lot of attention, and it is over 2-3 weeks old, and it still gets views everyday. 

The first two lines leave you at the thought of So What? And the third line brings it back together. Maybe this way of constructing a haiku can be looked at like a metaphor with an explanation at the end.


The birds are in my head
Morning is on my front door step
I’m cozy in all my blankets
The clock says 2 hours until my class starts
I roll over to the other side
And close my eyes once again