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I got a long week ahead of me.


This heart is ours
Through the good and bad times
You make my heart beat

Friday checklist
English essay due
Engineering due

Saturday checklist
College football

Sunday checklist
More football

Decoding humans

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They don’t like me 

They keep trying to change me 

But I just shake them off 

Outside I laugh 

Inside I’m just shaking my head 

Give it time

They’ll see what I’m about 

They just need to turn the page 

I’ll write the next chapter for them 


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I think this picture is great! Panera should pay me 🙂


Putting yourself second 

Erasing your stereotypes 

Realizing new concepts 

Scanning other thoughts

Putting new ideas out

Emphasizing with evil

Coloring outside the lines

Turning upside down 

Inspecting the unknowns 

Visualizing the worse 

Equip your new mind 


Haiku #5

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Great three lines.


A cool breeze blows by.
Leaves are taken for a ride.
Nature’s own tour guide.

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