Where dreams get lost (I rhymed… SAY WHAT) :D

I have many dreams

They all scream

Screams of joy

But I’m just a small boy

This world is big

On a tree I’m just a twig

One of my dreams I’ve done

Going to the USA has begun

I have more dreams

They are all in a frigid stream

Running away from me

All I can do is just see

See my dreams going into that empty space

They disappear without a trace

I just keep dreaming

And keep re-dreaming

And hope one won’t slip away

And that a dream will stay 


19 thoughts on “Where dreams get lost (I rhymed… SAY WHAT) :D

      1. You’re welcome. Keep on writing. I noticed in the title of your poem it said “I’m rhyming… what?” Did you just start using rhymes in your writings? Again, great job. 🙂

      2. Awesome I didn’t know that. I really need to read more of other peoples post. I’m pretty new to wordpress and i usually post older stuff, answer comments, or do trifecta. My fiance seablackwithink, and I both love your work.And we appreciate your comradery. I promise I’ll start reading more of your post. 🙂

      3. Yeah that’s pretty new too. I’ve only been on for a month and 8 days. lol. My fiance seablackwithink has only been on since the end of april and she has 162 post. So I guess it’s what you do not how long we’ve been on 🙂 ttyl

      4. This is seablackwithink….keep writing never stop…are you interested in being published? if so let Liquid Poet know…I have a publisher.. She does know a publisher. That’s a lo of post. I have like 10, lol. but there will be more.

  1. I like the creativity of this one! Dreams are important and go hand in hand with Hope, so never give up on either. It’s good that you have time to write! I would love to have more time myself, but I con’t right now. You will only get better and better with each write.! 😀 I am bad about going back over an older poem and re-doing it to…LOL
    Keep writing!

      1. Probably the best way to be, but I use to do the same thing with paintings or sketches I’d done. When I’d walk by, I’d want to change something…haha 😀

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