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Haiku-A-Day #71

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Door slams behind you
The lights flicker then shatter
You are not alone

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Is a

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Journal of my perceptions


Complications came in between
It became hard to talk
and harder to listen…
you had your reasons
I had my complains
both reasons and complains never get together rightly
and got ignored on each end…
time was taking its toll
love stopped playing its role….
we just became formal
dreams lost their way in the darkness of night
silence came and stayed
this was not what I always craved…
what changed?
I think nothing just the time and its needs!!!
you and I failed to follow its say…

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The Weatherman

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Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos


We’re in for a big one
The weatherman said
So we rush to the store
For milk, eggs & bread

He tells us how much
We all can expect
The East coast’s been battered
All Mother Nature’s neglect

He charts and he studies
And strings us along
Now matter how hard
He still gets it wrong

We open the door
And brace for the worst
And get hit in the face
With a cold sunny burst

We sigh in the doorway
And peel off the layers
And curse at the weatherman
The sly purveyor

Yet night after night
The forecast is given
Will this one be right?
As we sit and we listen

For the upcoming day
The radar is zooming
And the weatherman prays
After all he’s just human

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The Daily Poem

Be like a fire,
Shine in the dark,
Burn with desire.

Be like water,
Break the mountains,
Flow with power.

Be like land,
Bear the burden,
Seed the plant.

Be like air,
But present everywhere.

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Queen of Hearts

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Poetic Trials

Blood dripping from her fingertips

She had many within her army

Occasionally they would

Lose their heads

Let them roll down aisles

Until resolutions were spinning in her eyes

Love is a sentiment for roses

Paint them red she would say

Pressed the petals to her lips

Until stained with names of former lovers

Many, so many

She had dangling from her fingertips

Puppets with tangled strings

Hang them upside down

So she could slowly devour their hearts

Their fears and ideas filled her mouth

Until she tasted each memory

Cried their tears

Told their truths and lies

Let them spill from her mouth

Until she caught their shadows in her palms

With blood dripping from her fingertips

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The light has been out
For the first time I’m not scared Finding my own light