Bound together

Carve your name into my forehead 

All will know you belong with me

Let go so we can reposition ourselves together

Borrow my heart when yours is getting sewn back together 

When the walls keep getting higher, we don’t worry

Because we have each other


I am what I am

I come from Russia

I come from two loving parents who gave me a chance

I come from being two and half and now in the USA

I come from the true American dream 

I come from an athletic world 

I come from where athletic time is more important than school

I come from a hard balance of sports over college

I come from burning calories not burning brain cells


Faceless Love

Do you hear it?
Not the laughter from the kids playing
But the pain from me knowing you
At same time knowing I love you

Is it love or is it fading love?
I’m lost a little bit
Not shamed to tell you
Home situation is a difficult situation

Is the emptiness inside me normal?
I see and hear about love stories
But my story keeps pushing out love
All I want is a knight, and he doesn’t need to be in shinning armor

Do I move on or keep dwelling?
I’m selling my emotions to the devil
Spinning in circles without him
I won’t be able to walk to him if I keep spinning

Am I confused or am I just hopeless?
I’m turning all the wrong pages
I’m taking all of the wrong risks
The walls aren’t rebuilding around me

Am I at peace with myself?
Stars still shine at night
Grass still grows green on the lawns
The days keep going by and I’m still standing
I sit here in my car parked on the driveway
Who knows what future troubles lay ahead the door called my home
But I do know one thing for sure
There’s another star out there for me to see
I just haven’t seen it yet
But when the day comes
I will grow my angel wings
And glide up to the star
Knowing it is the right decision

Once upon a sunny day

Once upon a sunny day,
Kids played outside.
Their screeches could be heard five blocks away,
The sun would go down, yet all stayed outside-
Hiding and seeking like the day had just begun.
Hot and sweaty messes for dinner
But the mothers could care less.
Those were the days of true enjoyment,
And when all was said and done the kids fell asleep at the sights of their beds.
Dreaming of another day of pure excitement.
Once upon a sunny day,
All the kids would return to play.