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Twinkling Dreams

Stars never cry tears of sadness
Stars hold hope
Stars hold happiness
Some say they cry dreams
Some say they also forgive
All is meaningless if you don’t believe
All you need is a mind to achieve


I’ve taken one step too far
One too many glances forward
No idea what I’ve done
The edge of the blade
Approaches me every step
Clueless at the past, present, future
Will the blade eventually cut me?

Lesson Plan

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A good lesson plan.

Softcore Antics

The daily lesson:

We’re all broken and perfect

In equal measure

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The strain
The crane lowers
My soul departs
My heart still attached
My thoughts scattered
The path of life changing
Will I go along with it?

What am I?

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It tends to happen
Unexpected treasures
Hidden within the darkness
That lie deep beneath our city
Buried in a wooden chest
Covered by blankets of dust
Doesn’t seem like much at first
But what lies within is darker than the evil soul
Only the curious could discover it
Only the bravest could find it
And only the souls with an evil spirit could harness its powers

Deadly lovely haiku

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Dying off with you
Heart beats slow down with you
Our love lives on

Squashing Stained Solutions

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Rumbling rumors
Telling a tall tale
Giving gross gains
Showing shallow samples

Rumbling rumors
Denying dark demons
Protecting partial perfections
Reflecting realms of reality