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22 DAYS! Until I am at West Virginia University, and at my first day of classes. First day of math, english, computer engineering, and computer science, and eating college food. Three weeks, time is gonna fly by so fast! I remember first day of high school, and now the next chapter begins! 

Shadowy depths

We appear stronger
We appear taller
We appear smarter
But why think like that?
We are already tall, smart, and strong

Midnight City

Posted: July 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Midnight City

From above it’s just lights
Down below it’s night life
From the balcony it’s breath taking
Every night looks the same
But down below
It’s a different scene every night

No stopping me

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You can’t hold me back

I am a vicious monster

I’m a good monster

Water Flow

The water has up and downs
The water has lefts and rights
The water is now a straight path
The water is a symbol of life