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All the worries

Become so many stories

Confusing at the front

Hope in the back

I lay down

And my heart is down

Adjusting to the new reality

When will I fully feel normal

For now I turn the pages

Looking for a page with words

Emptiness eats me alive

But it’s too cold to dig my grave

You break the bottle without a drop of alcohol staining the carpet

Laughs, giggles, smirks, dumb sentence follows your lips

Blood flow increases, my eyes narrow, clinched, ready

An act of a lifetime starts, swooping down to steal my anger

And like always I look the other way

And the next morning when I wake up alone

I ask myself

What’s worse, the fact she breaks wine bottles without a drop,

Or the fact that she’s so far gone?

Either way my carpet isn’t getting destroyed, but I am

Whether I know it or not, slowly, each drop, each sip…

Broken Token

Soaking Aching

Crying Trying

Making Timing

Hoping Praying

Giving Everything

Waiting Loving

Drown Town

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The rain patters against the window

The wind bringing new sounds to the old house

A lazy sigh echoes through the house

A slow leak in the bedroom roof starts

Footsteps approach the rainy bedroom

He sees a puddle on his bed

The cold wet puddle suffocates the quilt

The quilt she had made for them

Nothing mattered now

The house was old and breaking down to the core

She was told he lost the fire for her

The bed can drown, the house can drown

As the storm grew stronger

He contemplated if he could ever get his house back to normal

Almost done

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Looking straight ahead
The ending is approaching
A new beginning

Paper Thin

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Focused eyes

Looking at me

But looking straight through me 

Hoping there isn’t a better man behind me


Decoding humans

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They don’t like me 

They keep trying to change me 

But I just shake them off 

Outside I laugh 

Inside I’m just shaking my head 

Give it time

They’ll see what I’m about 

They just need to turn the page 

I’ll write the next chapter for them 

Your cries can’t be heard 

Your desires are shut down 

Everything is gone 

Get it straight

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I have the money to live 

I have the cars to live 

I have the house to live 

I have the entertainment to live 

Or so you thought

Just wait and you’ll see

You’ll see there’s a little more than just that