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Construction noises outside my window 

Police sirens blaring

And school kids unpacking

Yet all this is peaceful

I don’t know why

I’m getting use to it

That’s good

Because I’m here for a year 

I saw the day coming
It was in the distance
But now it’s with in arms length
As it approaches
I start to realize
What I’m about to be doing
Living on my own
And going to college
For the very first time



Putting it all in

And hoping it all fits

Crying if it doesn’t all fit

Killing your muscles

Involves every space known to man

No rest until car is full

Glad when it is over

The morning calls again 

This time it is my mom saying get up

Not the sunlight or annoying kids 

But I obey

Knowing today starts a journey 

A journey to a higher education 

West Virginia University 

One Night

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One night to pack for college!!! I can’t do this!!

The morning window 

Where birds chirp 

And cars pass by 

Loud motors roar

Lonely birds sing 

Where sunlight invites itself to the party 

And is never welcomed 

Especially in the morning 

Please sun 

You’re the one thing I don’t want from my window

Watch it now

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Slow down
This car ain’t made for this
Neither am I

Car Window

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Car Window

I’d say not bad for an iPhone inside a moving car, if I do say for myself. 🙂


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Today is fast day
Some days the fast days are good
Today is a good day

Green lights all the way
I’m getting to work early
Deceiving the boss