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He doesn’t belong
Yet maybe he does belong
An anomaly

Beaten and helpless 

You drop to your knees and pray

You hope for answers

Sunday morning 

Almost noon 

I need to finish my work for Monday 

Good thing I started half of it yesterday 

Time to be productive 

Sunday church 


I had a shaky relationship with god

But since the death

It just gets stronger every Sunday

I have my tattoo on my chest

His face with a cross near him

Also with my necklace

I know I am safe

And I can keep going on

Just a bump in the road

But I know deep inside

It’s so much more than that

I ache in pain

But do my best not show that side

The new preacher isn’t bad

Preaches the same message

But lacks that personal connection

No family feeling inside this church

Or at least not yet

People are friendly

They all welcome us to their church

We are all common in our faith

But have many different roads we took to our faith 

Seems like every weekend I’m out in the pool…