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A long sixteen weeks 

Ups and downs 

Positives and negatives 

Good times and bad times 

It is done and over 


Air bubbles

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Digging and scratching
Trying to find the surface
Not giving up, But


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Feeling tired
Work never takes a break
Work should get fired
Or at least put on the brakes

One class and one test 

Computer Science calls me 

I hope to return 

The floors reflection
The sound of footsteps tapping
Class calls for students

Sitting in my class
200 plus students here
It’s my biggest class

The morning calls me 

I do not want to wake up 

But hey, it’s Friday

The day isn’t done 

I have one more class to go

It’s called calculus 

No need for an alarm
I’m just waking up on time
Kind of nice
I wonder how long that will last?

I’m about to start my evening class
Kind of a weird feeling
Plus it’s my longest class at 2hours