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If you are to weak 

To weak to move today

Close your eyes

And wait for tomorrow 

Pillow and I

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The days just get longer

The sun in the sky gets shorter 

Nights last longer

Sleepless nights 

There is no end to this cycle 

Just my pillow to burry myself into 

I can’t see the future

         I am always thinking about the past

                  The history of me so far is dragging me backwards

                           History should motivate you to go forward

                                    Time to make a new script for myself 

When a loved heartbeat stops beating

It can change someone

I know

It changed me

My heartbeat still beats

It’s hard, but it keeps beating

But one heartbeat will never be beating

Look on my chest

His lovely face is forever stained onto me

It’s all I could do

My dreams, and idol is forever dead in the ground

Some days just breathing or walking is hard

I wear the cross around my neck

But even he can’t help at times

I keep pushing through

I’m eighteen

I’m a man now

If only my pop could see me now

These are the lies that I can’t see

These are the hearts that don’t beat

These are the memories never to be told again

These are the dreams that never existed 

These are the people who can’t think for themselves 

These are the cries that are silent

These are the nights that stay dark forever