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Busy week

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Five days
Five days of
Five days of college
Five days of college to
Five days of college to prepare
Five days just for one day of math test

One class and one test 

Computer Science calls me 

I hope to return 

Don’t think about it

Thinking won’t do any good 

Please take my advice 

I don’t want morning 

I’m tired and just cranky 

Give me my yogurt 

The morning calls me 

I do not want to wake up 

But hey, it’s Friday

Ten minutes to class 

The time in between classes

It’s impossible 

I saw the day coming 

But I was prepared 

It hit me hard

I’m still standing

But I’m getting weaker

And I see another wave coming

And I hear the thunder in the distance

Can I take the upcoming hits?

Hello Monday!
Yes I see you and hear you
Three hours until my first class
Three hours….
I remember when I was just starting high school
Well I’m ready for the day

Sunday night 

Tomorrow is class

Tomorrow is the start of college 

And hopefully four more years are ahead of me too

In four hours almost 6,000 freshman will be in the basketball arena. Going to be packed!