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Monday classes start
I ain’t taking art
I’m taking computer science
All I hear is silence
And a small voice
Saying I’m about to get screwed
Code and coding will be totally new
Wish me luck
I’ll need all of it

I sit here to think

To ponder and wonder

About anything that flows to my head

I’m in a different state of mind 

A relaxing one 

A one I hope comes again

The stars glow brighter
Or so I imagine
I can’t see
Just a damn security light
Shining right into my window

Too much

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All the others are moving in
Chaos surrounds each building
And inside is another story
To be continued…

Right side

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I can’t see the stars 

I just see electric lights

Just another building 

The blinds kind of work 

Good thing I sleep on my right side

Away from the window

Construction noises outside my window 

Police sirens blaring

And school kids unpacking

Yet all this is peaceful

I don’t know why

I’m getting use to it

That’s good

Because I’m here for a year 

I’m awake
Not that I want to be
But I am
It’s too early
I don’t hear birds
Or cars
I just hear
An unknown machine
It’s buzzing and hymning its way to me
This morning is different
But I’ll get use to it

Now let’s see about that shower
I hear it doesn’t have hot water…

I’m in a small room
It’s my first time
Two beds
Two closets
Two desks
Two chairs
Two humans
One window
And one door
My dorm room


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I’m in Morgantown, West Virginia and tomorrow I move into my dorm! 🙂