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Twinkling Dreams

Stars never cry tears of sadness
Stars hold hope
Stars hold happiness
Some say they cry dreams
Some say they also forgive
All is meaningless if you don’t believe
All you need is a mind to achieve

John Mason

I have many dreams

They all scream

Screams of joy

But I’m just a small boy

This world is big

On a tree I’m just a twig

One of my dreams I’ve done

Going to the USA has begun

I have more dreams

They are all in a frigid stream

Running away from me

All I can do is just see

See my dreams going into that empty space

They disappear without a trace

I just keep dreaming

And keep re-dreaming

And hope one won’t slip away

And that a dream will stay 


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I don’t dare be it

I always think, what if I was…

I never think long 


It’s just a question 

My life is already good 

Yet I still think it

Scribble down the words

The words you need to let out 

The secrets, hopes, dreams, problems

Let the pencil do the work 

By the end your hand will hurt 

But inside you have repaired the damage 

I dream
But I have goals
Dreams go to goals
Goals that become reality

Her eyes

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There’s a girl

I don’t know her

Or her name

But I know her eyes

They always with me

I’m not in love

Just a picture for now

A nice picture

To put me to sleep

And give me lovely dreams 

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” Les Brown

Because of this moment
I still believe in you


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I wanna be you
Growing up I dreamed of you
I’m old I still dream