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Following his dreams
Telling myself this is right
What about my dreams?

I come from Russia

I come from two loving parents who gave me a chance

I come from being two and half and now in the USA

I come from the true American dream 

I come from an athletic world 

I come from where athletic time is more important than school

I come from a hard balance of sports over college

I come from burning calories not burning brain cells


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Always putting herself second
Leaving her trace
Escapes her worries
Xcludes no one
Inspires dreams
Showing me the way

Everywhere I look I see my shadow 

Always there to remind me of my mistakes, failures, and dreams 

Sometimes the shadows are multiple figures dancing around me 

Asking the same question 

What are you going to do next?

When a loved heartbeat stops beating

It can change someone

I know

It changed me

My heartbeat still beats

It’s hard, but it keeps beating

But one heartbeat will never be beating

Look on my chest

His lovely face is forever stained onto me

It’s all I could do

My dreams, and idol is forever dead in the ground

Some days just breathing or walking is hard

I wear the cross around my neck

But even he can’t help at times

I keep pushing through

I’m eighteen

I’m a man now

If only my pop could see me now

Line up the bright stars
Make your path and follow it
And keep adding stars

Big hopes

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You are a winner
Whether you know it or not
Make your goals come true

True dream

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You have got it all
The house, the cars, the money
I have none of that

Ever been in a deep sleep?

Where you’ve seen between both worlds

I have

It’s why I keep sleeping