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August 14

Posted: August 3, 2014 in Uncategorized
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“I have neither given nor received help on this assignment.” It’s that time again… 11 days until I’m back at college for my second year at West Virginia University.

Totally free

Posted: February 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Living within you
Seeing all of your unknowns
Analyzing all

You can’t escape my touch

When you sleep my touch is in your mind

It is permanently in your blood for life

Fighting me gives me energy to feed off

Being aware of me is why I’m still alive

I’ll be living through you

Each twist and turn you go through

Will make me crack a smile

It’s the perfect disaster

My Tumblr

It’s new, but I’m trying it out

So here I am giving you a shout 

To go check it out

And see what it is all about 

Don’t back out 

Give it a try

Just pass by 

Say hi 


A chair with a desk
All knowledge to be consumed
Needs comfier seats

The smile faded a long time ago
Replaced by the anguish in their souls
Memories vanishing into the vortex
The new belief was to give up on believing

We all have memories

Some want to forget them

Some want new ones

Some have bad memories

Some have great memories

Some climb mountains

Some want to be alone

Some want to party all night

What does a good friend of mine want?

Maybe just a higher education

Or is it to go outside her comfort zone?

Maybe, but honestly I couldn’t answer any of those

Only she can, and she gives us that opportunity

Go check out a good friend of mines blog

Friend’s blog

Oh why

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1am fire alarm
Oh how I don’t like you
But it could be worse
Time to sleep again
Oh my eyes are shut
2am fire alarm
No just no.

A long sixteen weeks 

Ups and downs 

Positives and negatives 

Good times and bad times 

It is done and over 


One class and one test 

Computer Science calls me 

I hope to return