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I wanted you to know
That the pain I keep inside
Keeps me alive
And I know I’m broken
But everyday I’m looking
A solution, an answer, to fix me
I don’t need outside help
I just need time
Time to see the invisible answer
One day it will creep out of the shadows
And I’ll replace it with my own shadow

Within moments

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Tears fall down
Hope vanishes
Cries is what you speak of
Body trembling
A completely different human

If you really must go
Then leave a trail
So maybe if you change your mind
You can follow it back
Because I won’t be moving
I’ll be waiting for you right here

Your cries can’t be heard 

Your desires are shut down 

Everything is gone 


Posted: July 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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He gives you punches

He throws you into lockers

He destroys lunches