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Posted: November 25, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Closed eyes
Soft to the touch
Covered in a blanket
Just a heartbeat for sound
A small bundle of life waiting for the morning to call it awake once again

The fallen ones

The ones were we forget them 

And we just move on 

The ones that are never visited again

Or even thought about again

They fall

But we should rise

Not fall down with them

Their death somehow has impacted you positively 

Just takes time to find the answer through the tears 

Cat sleeping on bed

TV’s glow lighting my food

Middle of the night


Returning to bed

Cat sleeping in the middle

I curl up elsewhere 


Middle of the night

I long to express my thoughts

Haiku is lurking 


Still dark around here

Haiku unavoidable 

Your fault, dear sweet son


Eyelids dropping down

Sleep may finally arrive

Advil is working

He writes letters 

He gives a firm handshake 

He doesn’t put up with bullshit 

He works with his hands 

Still lives in his traditions

Doesn’t know how to use an iPhone

He is my old man 

Who taught me everything I know today

His ways mixed with my new ways 

Is what shapes me 

An old man

But so much more 

The hostess sits us down

A small two-person table

White folded cloth

Elegant glasses for adults

Waiters dressed up

We are in our street clothes

The waiter

Bald, glasses, professional

Recites his speech on the specials

We don’t applaud

We just nod our heads

Fresh bread arrives

Steam escaping from the depths of the basket

The cold butter quickly becomes liquid

The menu is hard to look at

Each item looks good

But the price stabs you in the heart

My mom reassures me get whatever you want

First I decide to go light

Then for some reason

I feel that it is okay to buy the steak

My mom also orders the steak

I can’t tell why she did

But it makes my purchase feel little less hurtful

She wants to know if I heard back from my jobs

I haven’t

Heck I even forgot about all that

She tells me soon one will say yes to me

I still have my doubts 

The ones buried beneath our feet

The ones in the caskets

With roses, and notes

Dead memories

They don’t want to be forgotten

They still have an impact on the living

I know

My pop is still with me today

His memory and picture

Will always be with me

And your fallen ones

Should still be with you too

No one ever truly dies 

Taking a card break
Probably cards the whole night
My story will wait

Sunday church 


I had a shaky relationship with god

But since the death

It just gets stronger every Sunday

I have my tattoo on my chest

His face with a cross near him

Also with my necklace

I know I am safe

And I can keep going on

Just a bump in the road

But I know deep inside

It’s so much more than that

I ache in pain

But do my best not show that side

The new preacher isn’t bad

Preaches the same message

But lacks that personal connection

No family feeling inside this church

Or at least not yet

People are friendly

They all welcome us to their church

We are all common in our faith

But have many different roads we took to our faith 

Hearts on the floor
Still beating rapidly
A faint smell of life
No bravery is in sight
A torn apart house hold
No one willing to face the issue
And the heart beats get fewer