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Walk a mile in my shoes

Bring me the needle

Not to get high

But to survive from my disease


Walk a mile in my shoes

Teach me how to fight like a man

Not so I can be a cool kid

So I can fight off the bullies


Walk a mile in my shoes

I need a better job

Not to make myself happier

But to help my jobless mom


Walk a mile in my shoes

Show me how to love

Not because I like her

But because we have a child now


I am an incomplete book

Still being written every second

Every page being evaluated by others

Please read my entire story


Not just a sliver of a page, but the whole book


Walk a mile in my shoes

Crawling is the night

Grasping and tearing through you 

Taking over you


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I said please go now
I said get out of the house
The house is empty

When will these fights stop?
The hole is only deeper
Soon to be lava death


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He gives you punches

He throws you into lockers

He destroys lunches

Music in my ears
I can’t hear the kids fighting
All music is good

Making tears

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I saw you crying
Head down in your arms
I’m trying I really am trying
These tears bring me fears
Fears of us not locking arms
But locking horns
And fighting till the death