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Hard days work


I’m home


The weekend

We get to explore our new home

New community, New neighbors

Mom gets home late

She is exhausted

I don’t know what to do

She says work was horrible

Angry costumers

She lets me know to be nice even when your angry

Trust me, I already know that

I did just go to school for two days

I kept my mouth shut

She wants to call in a pizza

We never eat out

I say I will cook all of dinner

I press the end button on the phone

No pizza for tonight

I’m cooking pasta

A meat sauce

And some veggies to throw in

I wanted to watch TV with mom

And eat pizza

But I know what’s best for the two of us

Saving money is first

Pleasure is second

It’s my turn

Even if it’s Friday

Others may be partying or hanging out

But I’m cooking dinner

I don’t honestly feel that bad

I’m hungry, my mom is too

We have to eat

I can cook

Not much

But, I can manage it for now

I don’t taste the pasta

That’s my mom

She says it is ready

Through the steam a meal is ready

I just cooked dinner on a Friday evening

Dishes are waiting for me after this meal

Simple Friday

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Just sat down at my work desk
A quick day ahead

I got the Fridays

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Going to work late
I mean it’s 11 o’clock
Friday laziness

24 hours

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Today is Thursday
I can’t wait for tomorrow
Fridays are the best