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The ones buried beneath our feet

The ones in the caskets

With roses, and notes

Dead memories

They don’t want to be forgotten

They still have an impact on the living

I know

My pop is still with me today

His memory and picture

Will always be with me

And your fallen ones

Should still be with you too

No one ever truly dies 

Point of Origin


When a loved heartbeat stops beating

It can change someone

I know

It changed me

My heartbeat still beats

It’s hard, but it keeps beating

But one heartbeat will never be beating

Look on my chest

His lovely face is forever stained onto me

It’s all I could do

My dreams, and idol is forever dead in the ground

Some days just breathing or walking is hard

I wear the cross around my neck

But even he can’t help at times

I keep pushing through

I’m eighteen

I’m a man now

If only my pop could see me now

Still here

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He said nighty night
That was the last word I heard
He’s now in the ground