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Coach called his name

He sprinted into the dugout

The conversation was short

He came out in slow walk

He didn’t make his way back to the group

He headed off to the parking lot

Where his ride was waiting for him 

Joyfulness is key to life

One must find it, not others

This couple headed beyond

Beyond where you must do, to know

Take everything from me

You took over my closet

My bedroom

Rearranged my house

Then you started on my life

Take whatever you need

If this makes you happy

Take it all


“My family believes in happy stories.” – Jonathan Lambert

The quest for happiness 

It starts with you and only you

Don’t look towards others or objects first

Look at yourself in the mirror

What you see is happiness

End of story

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Do you see the end?
Is the end happy or very sad?
My end is happy

I only like research
When I answer the question
I am satisfied