Mirror image

The body cold to the touch
Eyes shut, mouth closed
I had finally given in
I confirmed the piece of matter
No notes were left behind
No letters were left behind
The guy was once a friend
Lately just a name to bring shame
He was sick
Sick of him
Sick of life
Sick of it all
I questioned myself
Was there a part of me in him?
I didn’t want to answer it
I poured myself a drink
And told myself
My answer would come tomorrow


Life line

I don’t wanna live dead
I’ve seen it a thousand times before
Bones with movement isn’t enough
A soul full of sludge doesn’t work
I’ve heard the tales of the broken
My eyes don’t wanna feel that
I don’t wanna live dead
Just keep the needle in me
That fills me with life

Word of the Day


(Plus the word just sounds cool)

1. A usually pharmacologically inert preparation prescribed more for the mental relief of the patient than for its actual effect on a disorder

2. An inert or innocuous substance used especially in controlled experiments testing the efficacy of another substance (as a drug)

3. Something tending to soothe

A paragraph from sci fi rough draft

The room was not big, but it did serve its purpose. The walls had little decoration, merely a white and gray horizontal pattern on all four walls. From the door, one looked in at a bed, with two side tables, and also a small couch to the left of the closer table. On the other side of the farther table was another door. That door led to the bathroom, which had silver pipes running along the walls, providing support for patients using the toilet, sink, and shower. In the middle of the bathroom was a red string attached to the ceiling. Pulling the string called for help, and within seconds, a nurse would run in to assist. This was all the room had to offer, but it was all that was needed.