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We all have memories

Some want to forget them

Some want new ones

Some have bad memories

Some have great memories

Some climb mountains

Some want to be alone

Some want to party all night

What does a good friend of mine want?

Maybe just a higher education

Or is it to go outside her comfort zone?

Maybe, but honestly I couldn’t answer any of those

Only she can, and she gives us that opportunity

Go check out a good friend of mines blog

Friend’s blog

Car Window

Posted: August 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Car Window

I’d say not bad for an iPhone inside a moving car, if I do say for myself. 🙂

The scenery is killing me

How could America have a scene like this one?

If I don’t leave depression will catch me

I’m still driving, but it goes on and on

I need a movie on my dashboard

Oh if only I did

Water Flow

The water has up and downs
The water has lefts and rights
The water is now a straight path
The water is a symbol of life

A step

Go ahead, take a step
It may be scary or hard
Or maybe even enjoyable
But first take a step
Find what lies ahead
A secret, a surprise
But first take a step