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Thinking of the words 

Just an empty document 

Fill it with meaning 

I sit here to think

To ponder and wonder

About anything that flows to my head

I’m in a different state of mind 

A relaxing one 

A one I hope comes again

Motors blasting through the window 

Joggers ipod sounds coming through 

Small kids with loud voices coming through

The music on my laptop 

Keeping my morning together 

I am strong 

I’m stronger than light

But the absence of light 

Is my weakness 

Eyes get so heavy 

I collapse 

And drift off to sleep

Internet is back. Time to waste time on pointless things… NO. I must stay focused… 

Computer is loud
I put it to sleep for now
So here’s a haiku

Working life

Posted: August 1, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Work life has begun
Open up the laptop and work
This life is so fun…