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Paper Thin

Posted: November 25, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Focused eyes

Looking at me

But looking straight through me 

Hoping there isn’t a better man behind me

You are so frail
Everything but your heart has shattered
Not even you can pick them up
Dependent on others just to keep you around
I’m picking up the pieces
but tomorrow there’ll be a new problem

I am a blind man 

Are you willing to trust me?

For once use your brain 


Your face is unsure 

Close your eyes and take my hand 

Welcome to my life

He writes letters 

He gives a firm handshake 

He doesn’t put up with bullshit 

He works with his hands 

Still lives in his traditions

Doesn’t know how to use an iPhone

He is my old man 

Who taught me everything I know today

His ways mixed with my new ways 

Is what shapes me 

An old man

But so much more 

You are on fire
Now you start to realize me
Now you want my help

Now I’m important
Only when death approaches
Let the flames burn more

When a loved heartbeat stops beating

It can change someone

I know

It changed me

My heartbeat still beats

It’s hard, but it keeps beating

But one heartbeat will never be beating

Look on my chest

His lovely face is forever stained onto me

It’s all I could do

My dreams, and idol is forever dead in the ground

Some days just breathing or walking is hard

I wear the cross around my neck

But even he can’t help at times

I keep pushing through

I’m eighteen

I’m a man now

If only my pop could see me now

You look exhausted

I see it all over you

Would it be because you are hiding something?

I already know you are in love with him. 

Think again

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Uncategorized
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You are not a man
It isn’t just about age
So many more things

Man these days get short
Not just days, but your whole life
What’s after this life?

A beautiful girl
No flaws and imperfections
Oh wait, I’m dreaming