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Shimmering blue water
White houses line the coast
Thatched umbrellas line the beach
Cats wander the streets
Dishes clink in kitchens
A soccer ball collects people to become friends
Mid-day heat encourages sleep
Blazing sun on cats sleeping fur
Greece at its best.


Cat sleeping on bed

TV’s glow lighting my food

Middle of the night


Returning to bed

Cat sleeping in the middle

I curl up elsewhere 


Middle of the night

I long to express my thoughts

Haiku is lurking 


Still dark around here

Haiku unavoidable 

Your fault, dear sweet son


Eyelids dropping down

Sleep may finally arrive

Advil is working

Hair ball in the night,
Where did she leave it this time?
Squishy in the toes.

The hostess sits us down

A small two-person table

White folded cloth

Elegant glasses for adults

Waiters dressed up

We are in our street clothes

The waiter

Bald, glasses, professional

Recites his speech on the specials

We don’t applaud

We just nod our heads

Fresh bread arrives

Steam escaping from the depths of the basket

The cold butter quickly becomes liquid

The menu is hard to look at

Each item looks good

But the price stabs you in the heart

My mom reassures me get whatever you want

First I decide to go light

Then for some reason

I feel that it is okay to buy the steak

My mom also orders the steak

I can’t tell why she did

But it makes my purchase feel little less hurtful

She wants to know if I heard back from my jobs

I haven’t

Heck I even forgot about all that

She tells me soon one will say yes to me

I still have my doubts 

Joking with a haiku

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Momma is knitting
I’m writing many novels
Which one brings in cash?

I can’t accept the price

My mom can’t either 

I start to walk away 

But my mom turns around 

I lost her, but go hangout by the checkout 

She taps me on the shoulder 

She is holding the expensive jacket 

She buys me the jacket

And I am left speechless

In the end loved ones 

Will come through in every way imaginable 



Buried in the ground far down

Mom rose up to the loss

Has kept me inline

Has made my life perfect

Perfect as it could ever be

I see it in her eyes

That look of almost giving up hope

But she keeps pushing through

Which gives me the strength to keep going

We have all changed since the change

But my mom the most

She isn’t a mom or a wife or a loved one

She is the ultimate caretaker in the world 

A mom poem :)

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Momma has a jeep
But does not have big black tires
Just an okay jeep