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Jets win! And our defense kept a good offense under thirty points and our own offense actually was productive. Geno didn’t turn it over. Everyone is excited about Geno. But falcons had no pass rush on him whatsoever!! Most nfl quarterbacks can throw a ball when they have all day. If you get just a little pressure on him I don’t think he will perform that well again. Just saying, good game though!

I got the Mondays

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Feeling tired
Work never takes a break
Work should get fired
Or at least put on the brakes

Today is Sunday
Tomorrow the week begins
Oh wait, that’s not true

I have off Monday
Thank you so much Labor Day
I love having breaks


My meal for tonight 😦

Monday classes start
I ain’t taking art
I’m taking computer science
All I hear is silence
And a small voice
Saying I’m about to get screwed
Code and coding will be totally new
Wish me luck
I’ll need all of it

Waking up early to get in an hour of writing the book before going to work. Oh also it’s Monday. Last week I’m in Silicon Valley for my job. Then off to college!

I’m getting so into this story I am writing. It looks like a late night, but totally worth it. If you have ideas you must write them down before you forget them. This poem story/novel is starting to take shape.

My eyes are open
My brain is still sound asleep
I will stay in bed

July 29 2013

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Tomorrow is work

I don’t like the day Monday

I’ll make monday good