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That number or digit seems very old. I am back at college so that is good. Eventually I will have a degree. I have a fun part time job working with kids. I for once in my life have a girl friend. I am suppose to publish a book in a couple of weeks… that goal will fail. All in all life is on the upward, and hopefully this blog will be on the upward with some new poetry. Also FALL time is the best! School, lots of sports on TV to watch, and great weather.

He doesn’t belong
Yet maybe he does belong
An anomaly

Slow down

Posted: August 28, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Music waves bouncing
Life has dramatically slowed
Slow is sometimes good

Seahawks or Broncos? I’m picking the Seahawks because they have a WVU linebacker Bruce Irvin who played here two years ago… Also their defense is very exciting to watch.

You are so frail
Everything but your heart has shattered
Not even you can pick them up
Dependent on others just to keep you around
I’m picking up the pieces
but tomorrow there’ll be a new problem


Posted: October 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Close your eyes
Hear the violin play
Let your sorrows out into the music
Open your eyes
Born a new person
The violin player is always here
If you may ever need it again

The concert is now

The fun is also right now 

Next day will be hell

Motors blasting through the window 

Joggers ipod sounds coming through 

Small kids with loud voices coming through

The music on my laptop 

Keeping my morning together 

I forgot about James Blunt’s upcoming album. I even follow him and what not, and I just somehow forgot. I was looking through some new music, and found his single that came out very recently, maybe even as recent as yesterday, I don’t remember the date on it. But the song was very good and relaxing; like always. 

James Blunt new single Bonfire heart is good. I always liked his voice and this single really focuses on him and not beats or any distractions. Can’t wait for the album!