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Jets win! And our defense kept a good offense under thirty points and our own offense actually was productive. Geno didn’t turn it over. Everyone is excited about Geno. But falcons had no pass rush on him whatsoever!! Most nfl quarterbacks can throw a ball when they have all day. If you get just a little pressure on him I don’t think he will perform that well again. Just saying, good game though!

I was scared

I was young

I was an outsider

I adapted, and changed

I am a football freak now

American football now

I understand what it is like to be an outsider

Either change or try to hang on to yourself

I changed, but still have my identity intact

I didn’t necessary change, but grew as a person

And in the end that is the whole purpose of me being an exchange student

Win it

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Let’s go redskins!

So I’m back home, but only here to sleep one night. THen off to a reunion. Then off to college. Next week this blog will be up and running daily. So I’d say about another 3-5 days and this blog will be a lot more active. 

Following sports will talked about a lot. 

WVVU Football

Washington Nationals 


WVU Basketball 


Capitals Hockey 

THose are the teams i will be following. But all sports that I find interesting will also be discussed too. Hope you enjoy this blog in full action soon. Thanks 🙂