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Living with the dark clouds
Lightening doesn’t scare me
The thunder brings a beat to my heart
People may say I’m not alive
I say I’m more alive than ever
My heart brings blood to me for once
My blood moves with me not against me
I’ve tried it all and I’ve found it
Let the poor man circulate his blood
He may just be happy with himself

Small and strong
Tall and weak
Blonde wavy hair is bad
Social media isn’t important
Oh only if that was true
Death would be 100% easy
Identity wouldn’t be a word
Peace still wouldn’t exist
Peace you must react to the bad
Or what we think is bad

I know what you’re thinking 

And that won’t stop me from destroying myself 

It is really all I can do now

And you are still standing by my side

You are the confused one 

Not me

This is how I find my peace


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Peaceful and safe place
Not everyone’s home is safe
I have lucky house

Empty feeling

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The house is quiet
I am the only one up
A peaceful morning