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Save me from myself
I’ve only been a question
How long can I last?

I’m happy right now

But at the same time I’m sad

Knowing the truth will catch up 

Have I lost my way?

There’s somewhere a place for me 

There will be a moment that will sweep me up 

And take me 

Or at least show me the right way 

The right way to live life 

Scribble down the words

The words you need to let out 

The secrets, hopes, dreams, problems

Let the pencil do the work 

By the end your hand will hurt 

But inside you have repaired the damage 

Take a breath, let it set in 

You aren’t finished, but you still not gonna win 

You look dead, your determination is cute

Even though you come up short every time 

I’m on the top, arms crossed with a smirk 

You have it in your eyes 

A killer, a believer, a lover 

I want to throw down the rope 

And pull you up into my arms 

But I need one more test 

Close your eyes, trust me 

I’ll guide you to safety 

Are you willing to trust me?

Type the words onto the screen 

Yeah, it’s harder than just that 

It’s called motivation

I lack it for this essay

It is due Monday

Just write THE ESSAY

I have a bad feeling

It’s going to be long time to write it

A word there, break, another word

Hopefully by Sunday night it is done 🙂 


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I’ve seen most of it
Some things I’ve never seen
It should stay like that

A math equation
Life the hardest equation
Takes 100 years


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Each day gets harder
They say it gets easier
Well aren’t they lucky

What is wrong with you?
You yell at me about you
I’m not the victim

It’s all crumbling 

All I’m doing is watching 

No point of helping