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Finish the sentence

The man was lying down and sweating bullets, but he still had to______________.


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I don’t dare be it

I always think, what if I was…

I never think long 


It’s just a question 

My life is already good 

Yet I still think it

Save me from myself
I’ve only been a question
How long can I last?


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What pets do you have? or use to have?

Have you done your one good deed for today?

A question

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Can you link your wordpress with your tumblr? If so how?

Anybody have tips on school work in college?

How do you stop the concept of ‘stereotypes’? 


My thoughts. 

I always think if we didn’t have a concept of death, then we could not judge others so much. Or if death was a positive idea in society. I just think subconsciously death drives us judging everyone to become different to survive. Just my thoughts.

You have said it all

Every question and story

And I ain’t changing

High point

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If life was a book
What is the climax of life?
It is…. Idk