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Surrounded by faces
The faces lead a trace
A trace of boiling blood
Burns of a hot flood
They came out for once
Only when they are upset
They want my head
Or just to make them happy again
They want a perfect world
Everything must work
Not just work
Infinite happiness
Evil humans
Or delusional
Only truly alive when they believe their world is dead
And the sad part is
The man writing this poem or rant is smiling and with a devilish grin
Is saying
“I’ll try to fix all your problems for money.”
Humans want more and more and their opportunity cost is money.
I’ve bought my beautiful high end plates for my elegant meals
Pour all your problems onto my plate
After all me being delusional like you I also have a problem too
I need every plate to be filled with delusional rants on who what when where and why I’m complaining about my life.
Let the game begin as my eyes turn into %%