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You break the bottle without a drop of alcohol staining the carpet

Laughs, giggles, smirks, dumb sentence follows your lips

Blood flow increases, my eyes narrow, clinched, ready

An act of a lifetime starts, swooping down to steal my anger

And like always I look the other way

And the next morning when I wake up alone

I ask myself

What’s worse, the fact she breaks wine bottles without a drop,

Or the fact that she’s so far gone?

Either way my carpet isn’t getting destroyed, but I am

Whether I know it or not, slowly, each drop, each sip…

It’s been months of us
We still individuals
Cloning our steps

You say you’re the one
But when I need you you’re gone
I can’t help myself but to look
To find someone to book
It’s not much I ask for
Just want someone to adore

This heart is yours now

I have made up my mind now

Trusting you for once

Don’t speak, just be you 

That’s all I will ever ask 

Remember those words

This heart is ours
Through the good and bad times
You make my heart beat

Take a breath, let it set in 

You aren’t finished, but you still not gonna win 

You look dead, your determination is cute

Even though you come up short every time 

I’m on the top, arms crossed with a smirk 

You have it in your eyes 

A killer, a believer, a lover 

I want to throw down the rope 

And pull you up into my arms 

But I need one more test 

Close your eyes, trust me 

I’ll guide you to safety 

Are you willing to trust me?

You are on fire
Now you start to realize me
Now you want my help

Now I’m important
Only when death approaches
Let the flames burn more

I see it in you

Don’t dare speak with those red lips 

Let me lock the door

I ache to feel pain 

It kills me not to feel yours 

If only I could