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All the memories I have I don’t want to have
The memories I do want I don’t have
The window is permanently stained with my blood
The sink holds organs with regrets
The mirror shows lies
The tick of the clock just reminds me of it all
It will never change

Living statues

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Crumbling to the ground
Strength doesn’t exist
Hope was burned a long time ago
Death is the new desire


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Close your eyes
Hear the violin play
Let your sorrows out into the music
Open your eyes
Born a new person
The violin player is always here
If you may ever need it again

Never had a chance 

His facial expressions show 

Give him his moment



Coach called his name

He sprinted into the dugout

The conversation was short

He came out in slow walk

He didn’t make his way back to the group

He headed off to the parking lot

Where his ride was waiting for him 

If you are to weak 

To weak to move today

Close your eyes

And wait for tomorrow 

My Internet is out. So phone it is.

Sunday church 


I had a shaky relationship with god

But since the death

It just gets stronger every Sunday

I have my tattoo on my chest

His face with a cross near him

Also with my necklace

I know I am safe

And I can keep going on

Just a bump in the road

But I know deep inside

It’s so much more than that

I ache in pain

But do my best not show that side

The new preacher isn’t bad

Preaches the same message

But lacks that personal connection

No family feeling inside this church

Or at least not yet

People are friendly

They all welcome us to their church

We are all common in our faith

But have many different roads we took to our faith 

Pillow and I

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The days just get longer

The sun in the sky gets shorter 

Nights last longer

Sleepless nights 

There is no end to this cycle 

Just my pillow to burry myself into 

I can’t see the future

         I am always thinking about the past

                  The history of me so far is dragging me backwards

                           History should motivate you to go forward

                                    Time to make a new script for myself