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Small moments of hate
The devil’s name on my slate
Never ending gate

Here’s a story
Not about the American dream
But about the silent screams
Some of us know about them
Some never will know
I’ve heard your cries
It just takes so much to try
Your gears turn as your tears pour
I’ve never meant to wait this long
The hallway never ending
Reached the exit of rescue
As your screams become more distant
Plucking them one by one
Slowly you pour out
Soon we have a room full
Each terrifying horrific story is told
We all have common experiences
But I sand out
I’ve made it through the thin crack
I can now see the sun and reply it is indeed hot and scorching
Soon all of them will be able to touch the sun without getting burned

You can’t escape my touch

When you sleep my touch is in your mind

It is permanently in your blood for life

Fighting me gives me energy to feed off

Being aware of me is why I’m still alive

I’ll be living through you

Each twist and turn you go through

Will make me crack a smile

It’s the perfect disaster

I’m like a ghost
I’m always there with you
But you never notice

Kill me now
Let the monsters get me
I have no fear
You can’t kill me
I’m already dead inside

I wanna show you 

Introduction of my life 

Don’t ask no questions

With clothes she is invisible 

With less clothing her identity is revealed 

When she is naked 

Her story is told 

Each ink mark telling a story 

You don’t even realize she has no clothing 

Your eyes are drawn to each pattern or mark

She with no clothes has many layers of truth


Last night

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It’s my last night
My last night in my bed
My room
My house
My cat
It’s my last night
I feel sad
I feel happy
I’m just full of it
This time it isn’t bullshit
It’s excitement!

The night sky gets heavier with darkness

My eyes start to get heavy too

I’m off to sleep in no time 

Watch it now

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Slow down
This car ain’t made for this
Neither am I