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Small scene of dialogue 



“Hey Malik. I knew you would still be up. You are always up late and –“

“What do you want Dillon.”

“Brandon was suppose to stop by my place. He hasn’t arrived. I called his cell, but it is dead. I know you two sometimes talk and hang out, so you know where he might be?”

 “First, like always you talk too damn much,” He knew where he was. He also knew he wasn’t going to be moving from the spot also. He took a gulp and composed himself for the next part. “He hasn’t checked in with me today. It’s Sunday, maybe he is coming back from a weekend trip?”

 “Maybe, but he said he would stop by tonight. Hey, you ever going to decide to come back to school and finish your senior year?”

 “Dillon, stick to your issues only. That would be your friend Brandon that didn’t show up. Goodnight.”

Midnight City

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Midnight City

From above it’s just lights
Down below it’s night life
From the balcony it’s breath taking
Every night looks the same
But down below
It’s a different scene every night