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You are so frail
Everything but your heart has shattered
Not even you can pick them up
Dependent on others just to keep you around
I’m picking up the pieces
but tomorrow there’ll be a new problem

Posted: September 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I got a long week ahead of me.

One class and one test 

Computer Science calls me 

I hope to return 

Destroy this computer
Why does this software not work
Maybe yelling helps

As the brain prepares 

The food fuels the fire

Sausage and hash browns 

It is always there

Chemical weapons or guns 

Many types of pain

The clock says to sleep

My brain disagrees with that 

I took sleeping pill

The brain is resting 

For another week of fun 

Computer Science 

It is time to learn
Education will bring this
Computer science

The morning calls me 

I do not want to wake up 

But hey, it’s Friday