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I’m awake
Not that I want to be
But I am
It’s too early
I don’t hear birds
Or cars
I just hear
An unknown machine
It’s buzzing and hymning its way to me
This morning is different
But I’ll get use to it

Now let’s see about that shower
I hear it doesn’t have hot water…

The room was not big, but it did serve its purpose. The walls had little decoration, merely a white and gray horizontal pattern on all four walls. From the door, one looked in at a bed, with two side tables, and also a small couch to the left of the closer table. On the other side of the farther table was another door. That door led to the bathroom, which had silver pipes running along the walls, providing support for patients using the toilet, sink, and shower. In the middle of the bathroom was a red string attached to the ceiling. Pulling the string called for help, and within seconds, a nurse would run in to assist. This was all the room had to offer, but it was all that was needed. 

Morning has crept up on my sheets

I twist and turn

Sun just follows my movements

Okay, you win

I’m up and showering

Mom already made me breakfast

She beat me to it

But I needed the sleep

Then again she needed it too

Today we were going to explore the area

We weren’t familiar with the area

We are only familiar with the cheap price

The cheap price to raise a roof over our hearts 

You know my name well
You listen to all my thoughts
You keep your mouth shut

Relaxing shower

Yet, that’s where I do thinking

It’s still relaxing 

Red man

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What’s a good shower?
Your back is sizzling hot
Your body is red

I smell like chlorine
I never want to smell like that
Well then shower time

I smell like chlorine
I never want to smell like that
Well then shower time