I am what I am

I come from Russia

I come from two loving parents who gave me a chance

I come from being two and half and now in the USA

I come from the true American dream 

I come from an athletic world 

I come from where athletic time is more important than school

I come from a hard balance of sports over college

I come from burning calories not burning brain cells


Sports everywhere

No more heads getting crushed
No more brain cells dying
No more damage for money
Super Bowl was super
Only super for the Seahawks
However it was breath taking
What’s next for us?
NCAA basketball tournament
Hockey playoffs
NBA playoffs
Start of baseball
Sports don’t end or die
They take a moment to catch its breath
And then unleashes
Starting and ending
Both are emotional times
As football disappears into the lawsuits
Baseball creeps up onto the horizon

Geno jets

Jets win! And our defense kept a good offense under thirty points and our own offense actually was productive. Geno didn’t turn it over. Everyone is excited about Geno. But falcons had no pass rush on him whatsoever!! Most nfl quarterbacks can throw a ball when they have all day. If you get just a little pressure on him I don’t think he will perform that well again. Just saying, good game though!