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NFL Football 

Ravens against the Broncos 

17 to 14

My other blog is all about sports 🙂 




Coach called his name

He sprinted into the dugout

The conversation was short

He came out in slow walk

He didn’t make his way back to the group

He headed off to the parking lot

Where his ride was waiting for him 

5 days until Mountaineer Football! We take on William and Mary Saturday at 12pm! 

I come from Russia 

I come from two loving parents who gave me a chance

I come from being 2 and a half and now in the USA

I come from the true American dream

I come from an athletic world

I come from where athletic time is more important than school

I come from a hard balance of sports over college

I come from burning calories not burning brain cells

So I’m back home, but only here to sleep one night. THen off to a reunion. Then off to college. Next week this blog will be up and running daily. So I’d say about another 3-5 days and this blog will be a lot more active. 

Following sports will talked about a lot. 

WVVU Football

Washington Nationals 


WVU Basketball 


Capitals Hockey 

THose are the teams i will be following. But all sports that I find interesting will also be discussed too. Hope you enjoy this blog in full action soon. Thanks 🙂

Lifting weights

Sweating my heart out

Leaving it all out

Music pumping in the background

Keeps you going

You’re hurt, you’re tired

The pain tells you

You are working hard

But you can’t see results

Until weeks after

Or so they tell you 

Dominican boys

All they need is just a chance
A chance for a better life
A chance to grow to their full potential
They don’t deserve this life
Just look at those smiles

This is a picture when I went on a Mission trip to Dominican Republic. We fed a village that would last them a week. We played with the villagers, kids, parents, grandparents, and animals. Memories will last a lifetime!

Show time

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The bright lights are on
Time to perform for the crowd
All eyes glued on you

Keep the votes coming

I am an all-star player

Keep voting me in