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20th birthday

Posted: September 11, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Today I’m 20
Yesterday I was 19
No longer a teen

Day 1 of 19.

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My birthday is now
I’m officially 19
Last year of a teen

I see it in you

Don’t dare speak with those red lips 

Let me lock the door



Buried in the ground far down

Mom rose up to the loss

Has kept me inline

Has made my life perfect

Perfect as it could ever be

I see it in her eyes

That look of almost giving up hope

But she keeps pushing through

Which gives me the strength to keep going

We have all changed since the change

But my mom the most

She isn’t a mom or a wife or a loved one

She is the ultimate caretaker in the world 

He didn’t belong in society, yet here he was today living in society. Every one had the same reaction, after all his looks told his story. He had tattoos running up both arms and legs. The man should have been wearing pants and long sleeve shirt, but then again that would be pointless if you had tattoos. For the public though it would have been nice. Multiple studs in his ears and one on his tongue and lip. No one really knew his real identity, but making guesses were fun and easy. Parents divorced and that turned his life around for the worst. Lost all love from the event, so decided pumping chemicals into him would be better. Later came the tattoos, which each tattoo was caused by an extreme anger. A time or moment that he had to get something out, so inscribing ink on your body solves the problem. In a couple years he is covered in tattoos and is lucky that his newfound friends of chemicals haven’t killed him yet. The reality is he is lost, but doesn’t know it. Maybe a better word is tricked; tricked into believing this is the way out. A story like that is what most of us will see and believe without really acknowledging it. It doesn’t matter, it is just human behavior. What if I said this man or demon, depressed piece of garbage had a talent. Not a talent that is viewed as negative, but an accepted talent. Maybe a great drawer, a great actor, or maybe great at difficult puzzles? Yes he is. If only he could further pursue those talents and stay away from the first two. But probably the first two are now an addiction. Two hard things about an addiction. First just doing it for the first time, whatever it is. You have the urge to try. And I‘m talking about unhealthy addictions. So the urge to just try to see how it feels. I mean after all bad things surround us. Sometimes it is almost like they want us to do bad things, right? Movies always have that cool appearing kid who does bad things. The urge is very powerful, but your soul eventually will break and when it does the floodgates have opened. Hopefully the first time you don’t drown the gates. If you are still alive, chances are your going to slowly try again. Soon the time in-between will decrease. The addiction has started. If only someone told him he was unique and special. Maybe someone did, but it was too late. Let’s continue on the example before about our guess on his life even though we do not know him at all, just what he looks like. Don’t you think if a man dresses that way he feels happy? Everyday we decide what to wear. Many factors come into play. What is the weather? Who will I see today? What am I doing today? Where am I going? Many more, but you get the idea I hope. We associate these types of human beings at school causing trouble. So lets say this man is 18 and a senior in high school. These factors are now narrowed down substantially. What classes do I have today? Will I see Rachel today? Who do I want impress? And so on. The outlook is positive with a little stress hidden in. So he chooses to wear shorts that are funky and a t-shirt that has a bad phrase on it and bracelets that are offsetting. If anything he is the most unique student at the high school. As a kid you want to stand out and feel good about yourself. Maybe the looks he gets tells him they are noticing him. If the logic is correct our first analysis of him can be expunged. And remember this tattoo man has a talent. He has a talent and in high school was the most unique. Sounds like so far a good life.    

Think again

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You are not a man
It isn’t just about age
So many more things

Death bed

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The illness has me
It is going right to my heart
Please just kill me now