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Do you hear it?
Not the laughter from the kids playing
But the pain from me knowing you
At same time knowing I love you

Is it love or is it fading love?
I’m lost a little bit
Not shamed to tell you
Home situation is a difficult situation

Is the emptiness inside me normal?
I see and hear about love stories
But my story keeps pushing out love
All I want is a knight, and he doesn’t need to be in shinning armor

Do I move on or keep dwelling?
I’m selling my emotions to the devil
Spinning in circles without him
I won’t be able to walk to him if I keep spinning

Am I confused or am I just hopeless?
I’m turning all the wrong pages
I’m taking all of the wrong risks
The walls aren’t rebuilding around me

Am I at peace with myself?
Stars still shine at night
Grass still grows green on the lawns
The days keep going by and I’m still standing
I sit here in my car parked on the driveway
Who knows what future troubles lay ahead the door called my home
But I do know one thing for sure
There’s another star out there for me to see
I just haven’t seen it yet
But when the day comes
I will grow my angel wings
And glide up to the star
Knowing it is the right decision

You can’t escape my touch

When you sleep my touch is in your mind

It is permanently in your blood for life

Fighting me gives me energy to feed off

Being aware of me is why I’m still alive

I’ll be living through you

Each twist and turn you go through

Will make me crack a smile

It’s the perfect disaster

One as one

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If only I could have a memory

It would be about

Our eyes closed

In the moment when

We are totally free

I just made up my mind. This weekend I will find time to write in my poem story novel. End of discussion. 

You’ve done what you’ve done 

You’ve put it all onto me 

Leave while you can

I knew it before you did
But wanted to hear it from you
And you said those two words
And I finally could smile
A full smile
With no stress in it
A loving smile
We are in love

Construction noises outside my window 

Police sirens blaring

And school kids unpacking

Yet all this is peaceful

I don’t know why

I’m getting use to it

That’s good

Because I’m here for a year 

Acting my age

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The TV is on
I’ll play some video games
I’m a little kid