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Don’t think about it

Thinking won’t do any good 

Please take my advice 

A human being
The ability to think
That’s what defines us

I sit here to think

To ponder and wonder

About anything that flows to my head

I’m in a different state of mind 

A relaxing one 

A one I hope comes again

Thinkers become stinkers
Seems like great thinkers die
Don’t know their ideas were right
Or it took society an extra 50 years to accept their findings
But in the end thinkers aren’t stinkers
And in the end we all die, not just thinkers

Think before YOU speak

Something others should do more often.

Just google it

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Why do we still think?
With the Internet I don’t
Just another thought


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Putting yourself second
Erasing your stereotypes
Realizing new concepts
Scanning other thoughts
Putting new ideas out
Emphasizing with evil
Coloring outside the lines
Turning upside down
Inspecting the unknowns
Visualizing the worse
Equip your new mind