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The body cold to the touch
Eyes shut, mouth closed
I had finally given in
I confirmed the piece of matter
No notes were left behind
No letters were left behind
The guy was once a friend
Lately just a name to bring shame
He was sick
Sick of him
Sick of life
Sick of it all
I questioned myself
Was there a part of me in him?
I didn’t want to answer it
I poured myself a drink
And told myself
My answer would come tomorrow

Get it straight

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I have the money to live 

I have the cars to live 

I have the house to live 

I have the entertainment to live 

Or so you thought

Just wait and you’ll see

You’ll see there’s a little more than just that


Your eyes tell it all 

Your fake smile doesn’t help

What is the real truth?

I knew it before you did
But wanted to hear it from you
And you said those two words
And I finally could smile
A full smile
With no stress in it
A loving smile
We are in love

I dream
But I have goals
Dreams go to goals
Goals that become reality

Ever been in a deep sleep?

Where you’ve seen between both worlds

I have

It’s why I keep sleeping

The search

Posted: July 25, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Searching for the truth
Not finding any truth yet
Yet I keep trying