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Seahawks or Broncos? I’m picking the Seahawks because they have a WVU linebacker Bruce Irvin who played here two years ago… Also their defense is very exciting to watch.

Football is on now 

Football is on later too 

The TV is on 


Broncos in orange 

Patriots in white and blue 

Both will change colors 



Cat sleeping on bed

TV’s glow lighting my food

Middle of the night


Returning to bed

Cat sleeping in the middle

I curl up elsewhere 


Middle of the night

I long to express my thoughts

Haiku is lurking 


Still dark around here

Haiku unavoidable 

Your fault, dear sweet son


Eyelids dropping down

Sleep may finally arrive

Advil is working

Acting my age

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The TV is on
I’ll play some video games
I’m a little kid

Can you hear me now?
Anyone remember that?
Old Verizon ads

TV wins

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Kids seeing an image

Moving image has them glued

No sleep for those boys


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I’m watching TV
Sunday and I’m not writing
Kid shows are too good

Pull up a chair

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Time for the TV
Time to take a seat
And enjoy the game