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In Dempsey we trust

May Altidore score a goal

We might beat Belgium

No more heads getting crushed
No more brain cells dying
No more damage for money
Super Bowl was super
Only super for the Seahawks
However it was breath taking
What’s next for us?
NCAA basketball tournament
Hockey playoffs
NBA playoffs
Start of baseball
Sports don’t end or die
They take a moment to catch its breath
And then unleashes
Starting and ending
Both are emotional times
As football disappears into the lawsuits
Baseball creeps up onto the horizon


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Your heart is like a solider
Tough, but lovable

I was scared

I was young

I was an outsider

I adapted, and changed

I am a football freak now

American football now

I understand what it is like to be an outsider

Either change or try to hang on to yourself

I changed, but still have my identity intact

I didn’t necessary change, but grew as a person

And in the end that is the whole purpose of me being an exchange student

Somewhere In Hawaii

Basically a symmetrically photo, which I always like. Symmetrical things are found everywhere in life.

Perfect Summer

I remember those summers
Summers where you were free
Free of all nonsense

Summers where you share a laugh
Or take a walk in the park
Or eat lots of ice cream

Those are the memories
The memories I want to have again
Those are good summers

Sniper tactics

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Focus on the man
Hit him right between the eyes
He hit the ground fast