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Shimmering blue water
White houses line the coast
Thatched umbrellas line the beach
Cats wander the streets
Dishes clink in kitchens
A soccer ball collects people to become friends
Mid-day heat encourages sleep
Blazing sun on cats sleeping fur
Greece at its best.

I’m home

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Adventure awaits
Inspiration in the clouds
Ready for flight
People await on the other side
Leaving vacation
And entering college
Navigating the skies
Ecstatic about life
Summer is coming to an end

The stars dissappear 

And the morning haze is revealed 

And so is the person lying in bed

The person that really should get up

And start their weekend 

By eating


Flying back home

Pool time.. Yes
… No I had a good writing idea to write
If only they made underwater computers

Pool time once again
Spending my summer weekends
I’d say good weekends

A cool memory

Two summers ago I had a chance to go to China! One of the coolest memories was going to the Great Wall of China!


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Ipad games all night

Retina displays on their face

Kids on vacation